Corporate Guide

TAIKO Brand is all about high quality that satisfies customer needs.

Pump technology has been honed in the shipbuilding
industry and now our technology finds many
applications in various other industries.

In April, 2016 TAIKO celebrated its 60th anniversary as it was established in April, 1956. First we focused our effort on the development and manufacturing of gear pumps using the segmental gears of a proprietary shape. Further technology development continued to acquire expertise on marine pumps initially. Now our technology is applied to and advanced for other on-shore industries. TAIKO has an organization in place that is ready to support our customer businesses, ensuring high product reliability by solid technological research and development and high quality control standard, a broad range of products for transportation of fluid of different types, and a service network that assures service provision on a global basis.

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Our vision: “Striving to achieve world-best quality”

We proactively develop markets inside and outside Japan, leveraging our collective strength comprised of the three elements that help us build trust.

The strength of the TAIKO brand is attributed to an optimal balance of these three elements: technology, quality-control, and after-sales service. That translates into a collective strength with which high-quality products are consistently manufactured and supplied to our customers, to whom we continuously provide support.
With this collective strength, TAIKO works to expand its market share by marketing to manufacturers and factories in such fields as shipbuilding, electrical and electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and medical care in Japan, while focusing on overseas expansion by establishing manufacturing bases in China and service bases in China, Korea, and Taiwan. This strategy has successfully realized product development based on seamless partnerships we’ve developed in each country and within each factory. Just like in Japan, we steadily accumulate customer trust while supplying products to diverse industries overseas. TAIKO intends to proactively expand our business by further solidifying our collective strength made up of these three elements.
Based on our vision “Striving to achieve world-best quality,” we will continue to refine the TAIKO brand on a borderless global stage.

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Three elements that help to build trust

These are the three elements that we place utmost value in creating the products so that we can earn trust from our customers. They are well balanced and maintained at a high level. They are crystallized in the TAIKO brand.