Message from the President

President image

We continuously innovate internally and proactively take on challenges externally, aiming to carve out a new era.

Year in and year out, the globalization wave grows. We now find ourselves in a situation that demands we dive headlong into this wave without hesitation.

The presence that TAIKO KIKAI INDUSTRIES can demonstrate on the international stage derives from the high marks our customers give our collective strength, comprised of technology, quality-control, and after-sales service. Accordingly, we believe it crucial that an organizational structure be created for responding flexibly to an ever-changing era. In this context, internal innovation is ongoing based on our recognition that management’s responsibility is to continuously carry out, at the same time, both bold and meticulous innovation.

Fortunately, we have achieved growth thus far as a “comprehensive manufacturer of fluid transfer equipment.” We take pride in the fact that this growth is an achievement of all our efforts made in the past, but we also realize that of paramount importance is our future. Turning inside, we consistently carry out innovation; turning outside, we actively strive to take on challenges. Together as one, in this way, we hope to boldly open up a new era for TAIKO.


Koichi Kimura