Electromagnetic Division

We will make inroad with compact and high performance diaphragm blowers into the environmental, medical, and other markets.

The compact diaphragm blowers have been launched by the Electromagnetic Division and hit many parts of the world in addition to, naturally, the Japanese market. We have succeeded in developing a broad-ranging product lineup, from compact to more sizeable products, designed for the environmental and medical markets.

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Contributing to the environment with our development of diaphragm blowers for the household aerated wastewater treatment facility markets.

Electromagnetic Division develops, manufactures and sells electromagnetic diaphragm blowers. The products are compact in size and energy saving. They are primarily used for household aerated wastewater treatment plants. They are not only sold in Japan but are widely exported to various countries in Europe and US through Secoh Shanghai Mec which is a joint venture company established in Shanghai.
In the Japan market, we handle not only product supply but also installation and maintenance of water-treatment facilities. We also have recently made inroads into such markets as those for small hydroelectric power projects.

Small pumps cultivate big opportunities. We will provide different values to the TAIKO brand from what they stood for.

The EM Division is now working to develop ever smaller products and, by so doing, to explore new markets. The latest product, “TPS,” TAIKO’s smallest blower yet, is small enough to fit in the palm of one’s hand, measuring about 10 cm x 10 cm, and weighs only 900 g. Developed for use as a built-in for diverse kinds of equipment, TPS is being marketed for use in numerous medical devices. In contrast to its demure footprint, TPS has enormous potential. Its small size makes mounting possible in products unthinkable in the past. The potential for such built-in equipment in a wide range of fields, starting with medical devices and facilities, is set to expand dramatically in the future.
Despite its small size, TPS represents the TAIKO brand in its designing philosophy and manufacturing technology. TAIKO’s history of product development and manufacturing started with maritime pumps.
The starting application was maritime pumps, then expanding into on-shore pumps and now further into small built-in pumps with the quality maintained all this time. Businesses that Electromagnetic Division, the youngest of the three business divisions of TAIKO are believed to bring much greater values to the TAIKO brand in the near future.

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Diaphragm blowers for aerated wastewater treatment plants, developed and manufactured by the EM Division, are being marketed within a broad-ranging product lineup that includes compact, medium-, and large-scale products.

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Electromagnetic blower assembly lines. The products are favorably received overseas as well as domestic markets, in particular in European countries where the products are sold through distributors.

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Palm size electromagnetic blower, TPS. This pump, smallest of all the TAIKO products, attracts a lot of attention from many industries.

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The pumps that can be built in various equipment including medical, welfare, healthcare and relaxation related equipment contribute greatly to the market expansion of TAIKO.

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There is no end to product development efforts. A project has already kicked off to develop an even smaller and higher performance electromagnetic blower, succeeding TPS.