Industrial Division

Global market access with dry vacuum pump and rotary blower core technologies.

Our technologies and experiences originated from marine (off-shore) pumps have been brushed up and
we have developed the best pumps adequate to on-shore project.
The pumps feature in a longstanding, diverse lineup of products—from large to small,
from air to special gases—gaining global attention for their presence in niche markets.

on-shore project image

Accumulating responsiveness (in special materials and seals), TAIKO applies such strength to diverse industries.

We have developed technical prowess as a niche player in land-use pumps, now applying that know-how in the development of pumps for use in a wide range of industries. Such a deep lineup, which makes us one-stop shop of fluid transfer pump products, might have been an inevitable development for us to meet our many customer needs.
“Land-use” pumps are used in many fields as peripheral devices for factory and facility equipment, including social infrastructure. TAIKO’s lineup of land-use pumps includes dry vacuum pumps, rotary blowers, gear pumps, screw pumps, and centrifugal pumps, matching the characteristics of gases or liquids used. Each of these pumps is designed, produced, and tested based on capabilities required to fulfill our customer needs. In all three divisions, TAIKO has professionals with sophisticated knowledge and experience in the development of new products, as well as specialists who adjust the new product designs to accommodate environmental requirements requested by our clients, thus forming a finely-tuned structure that allows the company to meet detailed needs in timely fashion.

Acclaimed technologies, special responsiveness—cornerstone for evolution into energy conservation.

Various global customers prefer to use our pumps, and the products are evaluated highly in our clients’ workplaces where safer and more reliable pumps are needed. Earning praise in recent years are our “dry vacuum pumps.” In this category, our “Queen Bee Screw,” developed using proprietary design concepts and advanced manufacturing technology, has realized the world’s lowest operation speed. Also featuring superior exhaust performance deriving from the screw configuration, this pump product is used widely in semiconductor, LCD-panel, solar-cell, and lithium-ion battery manufacturing processes. It is also employed for freeze-drying in pharmaceutical production, vacuum distillation in chemical manufacturing, and other industrial processes.
Not being content with past success, we have refined the configuration of our proprietary screws. The launch of a new product with enhanced energy efficiency, “eco VP,” is now underway. And, we will continue our product-development efforts by taking advantage of our proven responsiveness in the area of energy-saving technologies. Through such diligent efforts, we plan to deliver to the market a variety of pumps that will achieve higher customer satisfaction and high praise even for their energy efficiency.

dry vacuum pumps image

TAIKO’s dry vacuum pumps, excellent with powders or mists, are introduced to customers in various industries for “hard” processes.

design departments image

Crucial to product quality, TAIKO’s design departments have deep understanding and extensive knowledge of our customers’ businesses.

proprietary screws image

Designed for cleanliness, high reliability, and low-speed (to achieve ecological and economical goodness.) TAIKO’s proprietary screws feature configurations fashioned by long years of research and development.

marketing exhibits image

Participating in marketing exhibits in Japan and overseas, we actively engage in product PR to enhance TAIKO’s brand image.