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To receive our product catalogs, make general inquiries, and/or inform us of your opinions and requests of our company, please contact us as per the following.

Inquiries by telephone
 Weekdays (9:00~17:00)

Head Office TEL:+81-820-52-3111  FAX:+81-820-53-2127
Marine Division Inquiries about marine products
TEL:+81-820-52-3113  FAX:+81-820-53-1001
Industrial Division Inquiries about industrial products (Diaphragm blower is excluded)
TEL:+81-820-52-3114  FAX:+81-820-52-9880

Please contact below number from overseas.
TEL:+81-3-3221-8551  FAX:+81-3-3221-8555
Electromagnetic Division Inquiries about diaphragm blowers
TEL:+81-820-52-2147  FAX:+81-820-52-2148

Inquiries by e-mail

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